Our price lists include the transfers from the hotels of Amed and Tulamben to the Fab Dive Center for diving in Bali. We offer one night of FREE ACCOMMODATION  per day of diving for the backpacker diver.


2019 prices With equipment With your own equipment, except weight belt and tank
2 Fun Dives in Amed and Tulamben From the Shore 800.000 rps 750.000 rps minimum 2 persons
2 Fun Dives in KUBU, Seraya Secret, Japanese Wreck 850.000 rps 800.000 rps
3 Fun Dives with MANTA RAY in Nusa Penida. From Amed or Seminiak Area. 2.800.000 rps 2.500.000 rps
Package-5 Days in Amed and Tulamben¬† –¬†10 Fun Dives From the Shore 3.600.000 rps 3.200.000 rps minimum 2 persons
Night Dive -1 Dive 700.000 rps 650.000 rps
Nitrox – 1 Dive 50.000 rps per tank 50.000 rps per tank
Refresher Program –¬†1 Dive 700.000 rps
Discover Scuba Diving¬† –¬†2 Dives 1.200.000 rps
Discover Scuba Diving¬† –¬†1 Dive 850.000 rps
Padi Open water Course
3-4 Days
4 Dives
4.400.000 rps
Padi Junior Open Water
from 10 to 12 Years old
4.600.000 rps
Padi adventure dive
(night, deep, wreck,etc)
1 Dive
1.000.000 rps
Padi Advanced course
2 Days 
5 Dives
3.800.000 rps
Emergency First Response
1 day
1.800.000 rps
Padi Rescue Diver Course
3-4 Days
4.800.000 rps
Padi Divemaster Training
3-4 Weeks. Unlimited Dives. Contact us for longer period.
Divemaster Pack Not included in the price.
12.000.000 rps
Zero to Hero
From open water to divemaster, included 28 fun dives before starting the divemaster training.
7 days off, 2 months in total. FREE ACCOMODATION

not available in july and august
38.000.000 rps
Specialties Nitrox (2 dives) 2.500.000 rps
Specialties Wreck (4 dives) 4.000.000 rps
Specialties Deep diver (4 dives which goes down to 40 meters) 4.000.000 rps
Specialties Emergency oxygen provider (no dives) 3.500.000 rps
Specialties Digital underwater photography (2 dives) 3.500.000 rps
Specialties Night dive (3 dives) 3.500.000 rps
Specialties Underwater navigator 3.500.000 rps