Diving in Amed-Tulamben

Explore Bali’s Fab Dive Center in Amed and Dive into our List of Diving Sites

Situated in the global center of marine biodiversity, Bali presents some of the best diving in the World.

The unspoiled coast of Amed is known for its clear visibility, rich sea life, vibrant coral reefs, and easy accessibility to dive sites allows for very affordable diving.  

At Fab Diving we offer free accommodation if you dive twice in one day, however if you prefer to dive only once a day you’ll still find that our accommodation is the best value in the area.  

Most dive sites of Amed and Tulamben are accessible from the beach and allow for an easy, slow descent which is gentle on the ears.

Access to other sites are made via traditional Balinese boats (Jukungs) and day trips to see Manta Rays and seasonally the Mola Mola on Nusa Penida are also available, for divers who want to explore a little bit further.  

Dive sites

Dive sites by level

Accessible to beginners divers

Tulamben :
– Liberty Wreck
– Coral Garden
– Drop off

Batu Bella :
– Temple
– Coral Garden

Jemeluk Bay :
– Coral Garden
– Artifical Reef
– Drop Off


Japanese Wreck

Accessible to Open Water divers

All except :
– Kubu
– Gili Selang

Accessible to Advance divers

All of them