Jemeluk – Drop Off


The Drop off presents a rugged and interesting stretch of coast with deep slopes full of black sand and colourful corals. The wall starts at a depth of 16-18 meters and drops to a depth of 30 meters. At the beginning of the dive you’ll see some fascinating bioluminescent anemone, full of vibrant colours which are great for photography. After continuing to the wall, there are many reef fish amongst the hugs soft coral including schools of mackerel, yellow fusilier, and giant trevally. In the shallow water of this dive there is also an artificial structure – an underwater post box where many fish congregate.

Dive type : From shore
Depth: 6 – 40 meters
Level required : Open Water – Level 1
Visibility : 15 – 30 meters
Current : None to moderate
Temperature: 26 – 30 degrees