The Japanese Wreck


A few meters from the edge of shore lies a small steel ship of 20 meters in length. It sits at a depth of 2 – 12 meters and was allegedly a Japanese patrol boat which came to the end of its fate during the second World War. The wreck is covered in beautiful coral bushes, hard and soft, inhabited by a multitude of diverse sea creatures.

The site can sometimes have a strong current which provides nutrients for the tropical fish in the area, such as ghost pipefish, seahorses, white tip reef sharks, tuna, dragon fish and turtles. This site is a favorite because of the abundance of nudibranchs, as the soft coral provides a great habitat.

Dive type : From shore
Depth: 6 – 30 meters
Level required : Beginners
Visibility : 15 – 30 meters
Current : None to moderate
Temperature: 26 – 30 degrees