If you are looking forward to a relax and peaceful holiday in Bali, the small village of Amed is a “must-do” you should definitely add to your travel itinerary.

Located on the East coast of the island, this underwater playground has nothing to do with the big touristic areas of Kuta and Ubud. It is actually one of the most recent touristic area in Bali. Once famous for its traditional salt farming, the beautiful coast of Amed is also well known for its black sand beaches and its amazing sunrises.

In the last years, it has become one of the most popular spot for diving and snorkelers. Indeed, the diving sites are all along the coast, and considered as the most beautiful in Bali. Also, the proximity of the Liberty Wreck, located only a few kilometers up to the north, in Tulamben, make the area really attractive for beginner and experienced divers. This 100 meter long wreck is ranked between the 5 best wreck in the world, and remain the only one caused by a volcanic eruption.

But the divers are not the only ones reaching Amed. Huge number of backpackers go and stay a few days to relax. The huge amount of homestays and hotels makes the area attainable to all kind of travelers and budgets, while the numerous bars and restaurants, serving both traditional and western food, are found all around the area.

Local people in the area are always very friendly, and will be happy to share their culture with you, and teach you some words in Bahasa. The landscapes on the coast are spectacular, and the famous Mont Agung can be seen from almost everywhere in the area, which makes it a great place for the lovers of photography and even professional photographers. The slow pace of life and the surrounding nature also ranked it among the best destinations for yoga retreats and honeymoons.