Batu Belah: One of Amed’s Most Captivating Dive Sites


Batu Belah is truly one of the most captivating dive sites in Amed.

This dive site is genuinely one of the treasures among the reefs that line the magnificent Balinese coast.

It enjoys a strong reputation for its wealth of fish, making it a preferred location for the Fab Dive Center.

A site accessible to divers of all levels, even those who have recently earned their Open Water certification.

This dive takes you into the depths of the sea, with depths ranging from 10 to 30 meters and generally gentle currents.

Access is from a beach that is both sandy and rocky, and you can quickly spot the first signs of the coral reef just a few meters from the shore.

The water surrounding it is rich in nutrients, largely due to its proximity to the Lombok Strait.

This unique combination gives the site exceptional vitality, fostering a dazzling marine biodiversity.

Among the inhabitants of these waters, you will encounter numerous schools of fish, including snappers, Platax fish, and fusiliers.

The tuna, also on the hunt for their prey, are never far away.

It is a favorite spot for macro diving enthusiasts, who can observe numerous nudibranches, crabs, and mantis shrimps among the anemones.

Lucky divers also have the exceptional opportunity to see giant frogfish and leaf fish, two species as spectacular as they are rare.

In summary, this dive offers a captivating underwater experience, a true exploration of a subaquatic world of exceptional beauty and diversity.

If you are in search of memorable underwater adventures, this must-visit site will fulfill all your expectations.

So, dive into the fascinating universe of the Gili Selang dive site, a treasure of the Balinese coast.

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Depth: 5 – 40 meters
Level required : Open Water – Level 1
Visibility : 15 – 30 meters
Current : None to moderate
Temperature: 26 – 30 degrees