Package Diving Deals in Amed with Bali Fab Dive


Welcome to the captivating world of diving, enriched by the enticing packages offered by Bali Fab Dive Center.

Our diving packages in Amed have been meticulously designed to cater to divers of all levels.

Whether you’re seeking leisurely dives or interested in diving courses and snorkeling excursions, which include an introduction to marine biology, we have something for everyone.

As you embark on this thrilling journey, prepare yourself for an array of unforgettable underwater adventures.

Introduction to Marine Biology and Snorkeling Excursion + Liberty Wreck Dive Package:


– To begin, the price for this package is 1,900,000 IDR, and it includes 2 complimentary nights.

– The duration of this package spans 2 half-days.

Our 2-day package is perfectly tailored for those looking to explore the magnificent underwater world of Amed.

On the first day, enjoy an insightful introduction to marine biology. Following that, embark on an exciting snorkeling expedition.

On the second day, you’ll experience a discovery scuba dive followed by two thrilling dives.

Each program spans half a day and is including an enticing 100,000 Rupiah discount.

Diving Adventure in Amed and Tulamben: 3 Leisure Dives in One Day for Certified Divers


– Moreover, the price for this package is 1,350,000 IDR, and it includes 1 complimentary night.

– Featured sites for this package include Liberty Wreck, Tulamben Drop-off, Pyramids Site, or Batu Belah.

– Departure for this adventure is at 7:00 AM.

Immerse yourself in three incredible dives: Liberty Wreck, Tulamben Drop-off, and your choice of the Pyramids Site or Batu Belah.

The adventure begins at 7:00 AM, ensuring an unforgettable day without too many diver on the most Famous Dive Site of Bali, the  Liberty Wreck.

This package is available with an enticing 100,000 Rupiah discount.

10 Leisure Dives for Certified Divers – Flexibility and Perks:Diving in Amed and Tulamben


– Notably, the price for this package is 4,275,000 IDR, and it includes 5 complimentary nights.

– Furthermore, for those looking to explore further, our 10 Leisure Dives package from the shore is ideal.

– Additionally, you can enjoy a generous 10% discount, and you have the flexibility to convert two daytime dives into mesmerizing night dives for a unique experience.

Dive into the crystal-clear waters of Bali, uncovering the subaqueous beauty at your own rhythm. This package is available with an enticing 475,000 Rupiah discount.

PADI Open Water and PADI Advanced Courses – Diving Combo in Amed and Tulamben: Your Submerged Odyssey:


– In addition, the price for this exclusive opportunity is 9,000,000 IDR, and it includes 10 ocean dives and 6 complimentary nights.

– Furthermore, if your aspiration is to become a certified diver, our combined PADI Open Water and PADI Advanced courses are the perfect stepping stones.

– Finally, learn the fundamentals of diving with Open Water and elevate your skills through the Advanced course.

Additionally, you’ll receive a Fab Dive T-shirt, five complimentary nights, and a leisure dive to extend your underwater exploration.

This package is available with an enticing 475,000 Rupiah discount and 1 extra night FREE.

Zero to Hero Package: Embrace the Dive Journey from PADI Open Water to PADI Divemaster:


– Above all, the price for this extraordinary package is 40,000,000 IDR, and it includes 2 months of accommodation.

– Additionaly, for the ambitious divers among you, our Zero to Hero package propels you to the First professional Diving Level, THE PADI Dive Master.

– Lastly, this extraordinary package encompasses 28 leisure dives before commencing your Dive Master training.

Kindly note that this package is not available in July and August. The price stands at 40,000,000 Indonesian Rupiahs.

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PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world’s leading international scuba diver training body for recreational diving.

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Discover Scuba Diving

The Discovery Scuba Dive is for those who are not certified divers and want to enjoy the wonder of the underwater World. It takes half a day and consists of two 45 minutes dives. It’s not a certification but it will give you a taste of what diving is like. It requires no previous diving knowledge but divers must have no current medication conditions such as a cold, asthma and ear problems. First of all, we will explain the basic principles of scuba diving (45 minutes). Then we go into shallow water (2 meters) where our experienced instructor will show you how to manage the regulator (breathing device) and will make sure you are confident to do this before starting the dive. At Fab Dive Center, our main concern is the safety and well-being of our divers, so we take the time and assurance to make sure that divers are comfortable before they enter the water. The maximum depth of this dive is 12 meters and it will two 45 minutes dives, depending on the diver.

Padi Open Water

Have you already tried diving and fallen in love with the underwater world? Then become a PADI Open Water diver and dive anywhere in the world, to depths of 18 meters. The Open Water dive certification is available for anyone above the age of 10 years old. The PADI Open Water is a three day course which starts with theory in the air-conditioned classroom area at the Fab Dive Center. Two of these days are in the water, first there is the lesson in confined water to learn the 24 skills. Then, two dives at 12 meters in the clear and vibrant waters of Amed. On the last day, divers will be able to dive in Tulamben on the famous USAT Liberty Wreck and at the drop off of Tulamben, both going to a depth of 18 meters.

PADI Advance Open Water

For those who want to diversify their diving adventures, the PADI Advance Open Water certificate allows divers to go deeper into the marine World. This course is for Open Water divers, from 12 years old (Junior, specific depth limit). The course lasts for two days and you must pass two types of specific specialties, deep diving and underwater navigation. After this, you have to pass three more specialities of your choice; the highly recommended diving buoyancy exercise (peak performance buoyancy), wreck diving, night diving, drift diving, underwater photography and videography etc … The Advance Open Water takes 2-3 days and goes to a maximum depth of 30 meters.

PADI Rescue Diver

Learn lifesaving skills and become an expert in the safety of those diving around you in the PADI Rescue Diver course. For this course you need to be an open water diver + first aid (EFR) + underwater navigation adventure dive. The Rescue Diver course takes 3-4 days and concentrates on dive emergency scenarios.

EFR (Emergency First Response)

If you are tempted by diving adventures but do not have a first aid certificate then you can take the independent EFR course which combines theory and practice applicable to everyday life.

Diving Specialties

If you’d like to concentrate on developing specialty skills then Fab Dive Center is the place to do this in Bali: Enriched Air Diver (one dive), to understand how Enriched Air (Nitrox) allows us to stay longer underwater by reducing the risk of decompression sickness. Night Diver (one dive), to explore the nightlife of coral reefs, know the procedures and equipment needed for night diving. Deep Diver (one dive), up to 30 meters, to discover the mysteries of the deep and get to know the effects of deep immersion, before you venture out your own. Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver (one dive), because what really makes the difference between an experienced diver and a beginner is the ability to control buoyancy. Learn to move underwater exactly as you want to, without having to even think about it. Underwater Naturalist (one dive), to FINALLY, put a name to the inhabitants of the seabed and understand their interactions at the heart of their ecosystem. These specialties each lead to a specific certification, each course making you a specialist in your chosen field. If all five specialties are completed they make up the highest qualification in non-professional diving: The Master Scuba Diver.

We can teach:
• Nitrox (2 dives)
• Wreck (4 dives)
• Deep diver (4 dives which goes down to 40 meters)
• Emergency oxygen provider (no dives)
• Digital underwater photography (2 dives)
• Night dive (3 dives)
• Underwater navigator