Bunutan dive site in Amed: an Exceptional dive with Fab Dive

Bunutan: An Unmissable Diving Site in Amed

To start with, diving in Bunutan is an exceptional experience and an unmissable site in Amed. Firstly, it offers you a breathtaking view from the boat, with lush hills in the background and the majestic Mount Agung.

Furthermore, the boat ride itself allows you to appreciate the coastal beauty of Amed.

As you begin the dive on a sandy bottom, you’ll encounter an impressive colony of garden eels.

Then, as the slope becomes steeper, a current, sometimes gentle and at other times strong, propels you eastward, bringing the underwater world to life.


Moreover, at depths not exceeding 30 meters, the reef is in perfect health, featuring gigantic barrel sponges.

Additionally, in the middle of the dive, as you ascend slightly, you’ll reach a less steep slope with fewer corals. This is where barracudas, reef sharks, and majestic giant trevallies reside.

Finally, towards the end of the dive, the setting becomes tranquil. You can leisurely stroll among the giant porites corals and prepare for your safety stop in a magnificent environment.

This dive site allows you to witness giant gorgonians and table corals that attract a myriad of fish, and sometimes blacktip reef sharks.

All in all, visibility here is generally excellent. At times, you’ll see small, colorful fish darting among the corals, while at other times, you’ll be awed by the majesty of a sea turtle.


So, join us at the Bali Fab Dive Center to explore the dive site of Bunutan, a hidden underwater gem in Bali.

In the end, this dive is an experience that every experienced diver must undertake. It combines the thrill of drift diving with the splendor of marine life.

Furthermore, it provides an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of this fragile ecosystem.

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Dive type : Drift
Depth: 15 – 35 meters
Level required : Open Water – level 1
Visibility : 15 – 30 meters
Current : None to moderate
Temperature: 26 – 30 degrees