Explore the Liberty Wreck Amed Bali: An Unforgettable Historical and Underwater Adventure.

The Liberty wreck from Amed with Bali Fab Dive, a unique and captivating dive combining history and underwater wonders.

First and foremost, this dive site is a must-visit attraction for all divers exploring Bali.

Moreover, located close from Amed, this wreck offers a one-of-a-kind diving experience, combining history and underwater beauty.


A Witness to the Past:

The USAT Liberty, an American warship sunk during World War II, now rests at a depth of 30 meters, adorned with coral and inhabited by diverse marine life.

It’s the result of a fascinating combination of events. Firstly, it was sunk by a Japanese submarine attack.

Then, a major volcanic eruption in 1963 pushed it into the ocean, fracturing it in the process. Thus, the wreck became a fascinating and unique underwater site.


Stunning Marine Life:

A true diver’s paradise, you’ll encounter schools of fish, majestic turtles, curious moray eels, and even impressive rays. The complex topography of the wreck provides numerous opportunities for underwater photography.


A Dynamic Dive:

Furthermore, the Liberty Wreck has surprises in store for every dive, whether it’s day or night. At night, the wreck comes to life as lobsters emerge from their hiding spots, moray eels go hunting, and fascinating creatures like Spanish dancers and pygmy seahorses.


Avoid the Crowds:

In conclusion, to fully enjoy this experience, we organize our dives early in the morning, departing at 7:00 AM. In the afternoon, we depart at 1:30 PM to avoid the crowds of divers. This allows you to explore the wreck in tranquility.


Contact Us:

If you want to embark on this exceptional underwater adventure in Bali, contact Bali Fab Dive Center, the 5-star PADI dive center located in Amed.

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Explore the submerged history of the Liberty Wreck in Amed Bali, an unforgettable diving experience that combines history and underwater wonders.

Entrance: From shore
Dive type : Wreck, night dive
Depth: 6 – 30 meters
Level required : Beginners
Visibility : 15 – 40 meters
Current : None to moderate
Temperature: 26 – 30 degrees