Tulamben – Drop off


After the USAT Liberty, the Drop Off is the area’s most popular dive and with an exceedingly rich marine life, it’s no wonder.

Just 500 meters from the wreck, the main part of the wall has been formed by a procession of coral covered lava spills, and it’s this nutrient rich material which allows for such an abundance in diversity. 

The dive site can be entered from the rocky beach where immediately a steep coral slope can be seen. Here it is perfect for macro diving as there are many nudibranchs, shrimps and often the Orang-utan crab, which make for vibrant pictures.

Between a depth of 5-10 meters, the reef edge drops off to a depth of around 80 meters, leaving divers with an impressive view as the 15-20 meters of visibility disappears into the darkness.

The wall exhibits an impressive diversity of sponge and fan corals where you’ll find shoals of striped fusiliers, bump head parrotfish, sea slugs, octopus, lion fish, scorpion fish, glass fish, angelfish and sole.

As well as the reef fish on the wall, the deep blue ocean invites tuna, rays and black tip sharks.

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Dive type : From shore
Depth: 6 – 40 meters
Level required : Beginners
Visibility : 15 – 30 meters
Current : None to moderate
Temperature: 26 – 30 degrees