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Amed, the best spot in Bali to obtain your PADI Open Water certification: Dive into underwater paradise.

Amed, nestled on Bali’s North-East coast, has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional diving conditions. It has indeed become the best place in Bali to get your PADI Open Water certification.

This tranquil village, spanning about ten kilometers, is attracting an increasing number of tourists in search of authenticity and diverse diving opportunities.

The reasons that make Amed the optimal choice for PADI Open Water are numerous and evident.

First and foremost, the dives take place effortlessly from the beach, eliminating the inconveniences of boats and seasickness. Moreover, the underwater descents are characterized by their gentle nature, making them perfect for divers with sensitive ears. Visibility is consistent from as shallow as two meters, providing a continuous spectacle of underwater wonders.

A significant advantage is the proximity of the renowned USAT Liberty diving site, located just a few kilometers from Amed. This proximity allows you to dive early in the morning, well before the influx of diving centers in South Bali. And regarding prices, Amed stands out by offering the PADI Open Water certification at an affordable rate, while adhering to PADI’s internationally recognized quality standards.

Exploring Amed’s underwater depths, you will discover breathtaking marine biodiversity, with its hard and soft corals, magnificent sea fans, and spectacular sponges, including barrel sponges. The underwater fauna is equally diverse, featuring numerous reef fish, extensive schools of fish, and even the possibility of encountering pelagic species on certain sites.

Thus, Amed offers an unparalleled diving experience in Bali while preserving its authentic character. So, prepare to plunge into Bali’s crystal-clear waters and uncover the underwater beauty of this Balinese gem, all without the fear of seasickness or budget constraints.

A matter of simplicity, diving quality, and rates.

Amed in bali Best place for passing your Padi certification.

The PADI Open Water Course in Amed is offered at an advantageous rate of 4,800,000 Rps, whereas in other parts of Bali, prices typically hover around 6,000,000 Rps. Additionally, by choosing the Bali Fab Dive Center in Amed, you have the opportunity to include three nights of FREE accommodation in your package.

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Furthermore, the cost of living in Amed is significantly more affordable, whether it’s accommodation, meals, or activities.

A beautiful and authentic destination

Incredible diving spots


Jemeluk Bay, the most famous and frequented, offers ideal conditions for dive training, especially PADI Open Water.

It is exceptional with its magnificent corals and a multitude of reef fish. A perfect destination for earning your PADI Open Water certification.


Next, there is the Pyramids site, a community initiative in Amed aimed at providing a habitat for small fish and repopulating the reef.

After 23 years, it is an undisputed success. You’ll start the dive on a black sandy bottom, and then a gentle current will lead you to the pyramids, where a variety of reef fish await.

If you’re lucky, you may even ascend to the surface in the company of turtles. This site is ideal for earning your PADI Advance Open Water.

3-The USAT Liberty Wreck

Finally, you can dive at the famous USAT Liberty Wreck. Expect to encounter numerous incredible underwater species, including mantis shrimp, various species of sea anemones and their clownfish, pufferfish, surgeonfish, barracudas, and more. For divers who have obtained their PADI Open Water certification, there is the possibility of observing bumphead parrotfish, turtles, and reef sharks. The USAT Liberty wreck is accessible even for beginner divers, with the shallowest point at just 7 meters.

No matter which dive site you choose, you’ll enjoy very pleasant conditions, including shore entry, minimal waves, excellent visibility of up to 20/25 meters, and warm water.

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The Amed region and its must-visit sites in Bali.

Mount Agung is among the holiest places for the Balinese. Nearby, you’ll find the Besakih Temple, which is also one of the region’s most beautiful sites. This temple is the largest Hindu temple on the island, housing altars, sublime sanctuaries, and precious statues. But other invaluable treasures surround this volcano.

Then, you have Tirtaganga Palace, a historical gem near Amed, boasts meticulously landscaped gardens, serene fountains, and inviting pools. Built in the early 20th century by the Karangasem royal family, this stunning water palace served as a retreat and a place of relaxation for the royals.

A short drive from Amed, you’ll also discover Ujung Palace, a coastal masterpiece with breathtaking vistas. Constructed in the 20th century by the same royal family, it once served as a grandiose palace complex.

These royal retreats have been lovingly restored and are open to visitors, providing a glimpse into Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Explore Tirtaganga’s tranquil water gardens and Ujung’s grand architecture, both steeped in history.

It offers a breathtaking view of Bali’s most beautiful terraced rice fields: a true paradise on Earth.

Here’s a short film from our YouTube channel, created by Fabien, showcasing the beauty of Amed:

To top it off, near Mount Agung, you’ll also come across unique wildlife. Wild pigs and macaques inhabit the wooded depressions of the site. With a bit of luck, you may also have the opportunity to see some raptors soaring above, in search of prey.

The forest at the base of the volcano is also abundant. Not to mention the unique experience of witnessing the sunrise at its peak, at an altitude of 3,142 meters.

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