Eco-Tour Snorkeling Excursion in Amed, Bali


Before immersing yourself in Bali’s shimmering and mysterious waters, let yourself be swept away by a captivating introduction to marine biology through the Best Eco-Tour in Bali: Dive onto the Reefs of Amed. Understanding the marine life of coral reefs and underwater landscapes adds a profound dimension to your adventure. Our informative sessions will unveil the fascinating history of underwater biodiversity in Bali, from the origins of sand to the formation of the Coral Triangle. Additionally, you’ll learn essential safety rules for snorkeling and measures to preserve coral reefs. This introduction prepares you for an enlightened immersion into ocean depths, enhancing your appreciation for every creature, coral, and ecosystem encountered. By comprehending the intricate interactions of this silent world, your diving experience in Bali transforms into a rewarding odyssey of discoveries.


Amed: The Magnificent Coast Viewed from the Waves

Few know that “Amed” translates to “magnificent coast” in ancient Balinese, revealing the beauty along this picturesque Bali shoreline. Our boat excursion will be among your most cherished memories of Bali. However, to fully appreciate Amed, one must venture away from the shores. From the glistening waters of Bali’s sea, behold the majesty of the Lempuyang mountain range and the Agung volcano. Aboard our traditional boat, relish the breathtaking view that adds an extraordinary dimension to your underwater adventure. The majestic mountain silhouette against the sky creates a spectacular backdrop for your underwater explorations. Moreover, a visual symphony uniting land and sea establishes a deep connection with nature, leaving an enduring imprint of Bali’s beauty. The Best Eco-Tour in Bali: Snorkel onto the Reefs of Amed and Dive into the Underwater Treasures of Amed


A Journey to the Heart of Balinese Reefs

Following this initial immersion, it’s time to venture into the crystalline waters of Amed’s coastline, one of Bali’s most renowned diving destinations. Famed for its spectacular coral reefs and abundant biodiversity, Amed’s coast is a true haven for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Equipped with your gear, dive beneath the surface and immediately encounter an explosion of colors and marine life.

During your coral reef exploration, you’ll encounter a variety of underwater species, from graceful butterflyfish and colorful angelfish to majestic turtles. Every corner of Bali’s underwater depths reveals new surprises, with hard and soft corals, vibrant sponges, and swaying gorgonians creating a stunning underwater landscape. Our expert guides will enhance your experience by sharing the names and behaviors of these captivating marine creatures.

Not only does our eco-tour in Amed establish a captivating connection with the Coral Triangle, but it also unveils the astonishing history of Bali’s underwater biodiversity, from the origins of sand to the formation of this vast ecosystem. By exploring the crystal-clear waters of Amed’s coastline, you’ll dive right into the heart of the marine riches that contribute to the fame and vitality of the Coral Triangle.

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A Family Adventure with Safety in Mind

Our eco-tour is designed to be an inclusive experience, suitable for all ages and levels of experience. Families with young children are welcome aboard. The presence of a professional guide during the snorkeling exploration ensures maximum safety for all participants. You can explore with peace of mind, knowing you’re in good hands and your loved ones are secure. Furthermore, our traditional Balinese boat is equipped with a roof that provides welcome sun protection. An easily accessible ladder facilitates getting back on board after your underwater adventure, and the spacious, comfortable boat allows for relaxation between explorations.

Are you ready to enjoy the best Eco-Tour in Bali: Dive onto the Reefs of Amed. Lets’s dive  into an educational and immersive adventure in the heart of Bali’s underwater wonders? Don’t miss out on this opportunity to discover fascinating marine life and contribute to its preservation. Reserve your spot today for a half-day snorkeling excursion on the reefs of Amed. Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or an experienced diver, this unique experience promises unforgettable memories and a newfound understanding of the marine treasure surrounding the island of Bali.

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